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medical laser design
LightSheer*Specialists LLC
4905 34st S. 324
St. Petersburg, FL 33711

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 The founder of LightSheer* Specialists and Medical Laser Repair Service, Mr. Young has been in the medical laser industry since graduating from San
Jose College in 1996 for "
Laser Technology" where he was honored with the prestigious "Outstanding Overall Academic Achiever" scholarship

Professor John De Leone of the Laser Technology program from SJCC had this to say about Mr. Young when submitting him for scholarship.

"Mr. Young is a Laser Technology major and is the outstanding performer for his class. He demonstrates mastery of the
subject matter, he is able to take abstract concepts and associate them with hardware to achieve applications. He
demonstrates leadership in group laboratory experiences, and he presents required laboratory reports in a degree of
professionalism unseen by the department staff to this date"

From college he joined the medical laser industry with Continuum ConBio Medical Laser Dermatology Department and quickly ascended to the prestigious
R&D department as an optical and product development laser engineer. Here he played a contributive roll in the design and manufacture of the Tattoo
medical laser systems MedLite II, MedLite IV, MedLite C Series Layout, Dye Polymer Wavelength Converting Handpiece's, Erbium 2.94um and the DeLite
dental laser. He was recognized with the company "GOLD STAR" for contributions to the company.

From ConBio Mr. Young joined Palomar and was the R&D Product Development Optical Engineer for the Q YAG 5, the SLP1000 Chiller for tattoo removal
and assisted with the EsteLux platform.

From Palomar he joined the Lumenis R&D group and is the inventor on 3 issued patents...,  
Method and Apparatus for the Treatment of Biological Tissue" "Method and Apparatus for Cooling Biological Tissue"
Method and Apparatus for Applying Materials to Biological Tissue",...were he developed/prototyped and was the inventor of pneumatic assisted
medical devices for dermatological treatments and applications in which Photonic and Sonic Devices where the consequence like, hair removal systems,
targeted skin condition treatment devices are the most recent expressions of this new technology.

From Lumenis Mr. Young joined the start up company Aesthera in the R&D Principle capacity

From Aesthera he has consulsulted on the design of potential new laser systems and has taken the opportunity to begin Lightsheer Specialists Medical
Laser Repair to assist medical laser owners and future laser manufacturers.

Mr.Young's knowledge and experience coupled with his creativity and CAD design ability allow him to express concepts, prototype and develop products
efficiently for production realization. Mr. Young has amassed resources within the industry which allow him to access nearly all dynamics of medical laser
systems concepts, testing, design and development of abstract or non-abstract ideas and concepts.

Capacities Performed:
*Laser Technician
*Product Development Engineer
*Problem Solving and Improvement Specialist
*Research and Development Engineer
*Product Design Engineer
medical laser designer